I’m 22, married, have two pups, enjoy drinking whiskey and hot tea, I love reading (especially outlander), I live in a ¬†garage, and want everyone to know that I most definitely do not have my life together.

I love to sit and watch Netflix instead of going to the gym. Sometimes I grab the bag of chips and dip instead of the bag of carrots. I recently had ice cream for breakfast. If someone doesn’t like any of that, then good riddance. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

I used to think that everyone else but me had their lives together. I didn’t realize that this was a common problem. This is not just a twenty somethings’ problem. This is an anyone problem.

Like many 20 somethings, I thought adulthood was going to be full of adventure, freedom, and stability. Well, surprise! Adulthood is full of all of those, except stability. Correction I have been stable in my 20’s. I have been stably broke, and tired.

I have recently figured out that I need to stop comparing my life to others. I don’t make 6 figures a year. I work shift work, at two different jobs. I have been going to college part-time for 3 years and may never actually get my degree, but you know what I am doing. I am trying my best to make a better life for my husband and myself.

If you are looking for a blog that talks about how to set up the perfect dinner table, or how to decorate the pinterest perfect home, this is not the blog for you. Now if you are looking for someone who you can identify with, and who may actually make you feel better about your unvacuumed carpets or the dishes that have been in your sink for 2 days. Well I’m your girl!

This blog is a place for me to be able to poke fun at myself,  and to decompress. I work in an Emergency Room and I Bartend. There is nothing that is to taboo or uncomfortable for me to talk about.